Hprobe joins with Imec for SOT-MRAM tester development

  • Technological survey

Hprobe equipment

Hprobe, a spin-off company from Spintec, joins with Imec to develop advanced magnetic tester equipment for the next generation of MRAM devices based on the Spin Orbit Torque (SOT) effect.


SOT-MRAM technology has demonstrated stellar performance in terms of writing speed using pulsed voltage with pulse widths down to 200 picoseconds. It has all the advantages of the STT-MRAM technology including size scalability for CMOS integration and absence of data refreshment, and will become the technology replacement for SRAM in the coming years.


Hprobe’s test equipment allows users to test STT-MRAM at the wafer level under a magnetic field and using electrical pulsing with ultra-competitive testing-time. Hprobe is now collaborating with IMEC research institute on a Joint Development Program to extend its fast testing protocols for the SOT-MRAM technology.


Jointly, IMEC and Hprobe will contribute to the definition and validation of the new testing protocols for both STT and SOT technologies.