Chief Scientist of Spintec, Bernard DIENY, has received the 2018 IEEE Carrier Achievement Award

  • Technological survey

Bernard DIENY

Bernard DIENY, Chief Scientist of Spintec, has been conducting research in magnetism and spin electronics for 35 years.


He played a key role in the pioneer work on giant magnetoresistance spin-valves which were introduced in hard disk drives in 1998.

He received an outstanding achievement award from IBM for this work in 2002. In 2002, he has been involved in the discovery of the perpendicular anisotropy at magnetic metal/oxide interfaces which is nowadays used in pSTT-MRAM to reduce the ratio between switching energy and thermal stability. He introduced several innovative concepts of spintronics devices including the spin-valve transistor, several designs of MRAM cells (thermally assisted MRAM, precessional MRAM, double MTJ MRAM) and of spin transfer oscillators (e.g. perpendicular polarizer and in-plane free layer). More recently, he launched a new activity in his group oriented towards applications of nanomagnetism in biotechnology and biomedicine, in particular a new approach of cancer treatment based on the mechanical vibrations of magnetic nanoparticles.


In 2001, he was co-founder of SPINTEC laboratory (Spintronics and Technology of components) in Grenoble, which now counts about 90 members. He cofounded two startup companies: Crocus Technology on MRAM and magnetic sensors in 2006 and EVADERIS on CMOS/magnetic circuits design in 2014.


He received two Advanced Research grants from the European Research Council in 2009 and 2014 related to hybrid CMOS/Magnetic Integrated Electronics. He was made IEEE Fellow in 2010 and received the De Magny Prize from French Academy of Sciences in 2015 (Awarded once every 2 years for work recognized as outstanding by the Academy).


B.DIENY’s work on spin-valves had a clear impact in hard disk drives industry and his work on the perpendicular anisotropy at magnetic metal/oxide interfaces will have soon in microelectronics industry considering that Samsung and TSMC have announced volume production of perpendicular embedded MRAM for 2018.

Overall, Bernard DIENY published more than 430 peer-reviewed papers cited ~12000 times. He filed to date 70 granted patents. h-index : 52.