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MAGPIE (Manycore Architecture enerGy and Performance evaluatIon Environment) is a collaborative framework that mainly targets an easy design evaluation for single and multicore systems, by applying selected existing tools, which are popular. It builds upon three mature and popular tools: the gem5 full-system simulator, McPAT and NVSim power/energy and area estimation tools for CMOS, SOI and emerging non volatile memory technologies (especially STT-MRAM).


MAGPIE promotes a script-oriented approach that enables a designer to easily specify system parameters and to run a seamless evaluation flow, which automatically produces execution metrics such as application outputs, performance numbers, area, power and energy consumption of the specified system.


MAGPIE is now available to the research community as an open-source code to which any contribution is welcome for improvements and/or extention. This is a joint effort of the GREAT (heteroGeneous integRated magnetic tEchnology using multifunctional stAndardized sTack) H2020 European project and the French ANR CONTINUUM.


Please contact to have an access.