Four highly relevant european players have joined GREAT project's advisory board

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First quarter of 2017 has been decisive for the project. Indeed, an Advisory Board – comprising three world class companies is now active: the first one enabling low-power Systems-on-Chip design (Dolphin Integration), the second one designing and producting ultra low power, low voltage integrated circuits (EM Microelectronic) and the third one designing secured smart cards (StarChip). On top of that one European renowned fundamental research organization specialized in Mobile Communications Systems (Dresden University's Vodafone Chair Mobile Communications Systems) will play a major role during the demonstration phase validating test chips and stamping simulated IoT MCU architectures.


First conference calls & meetings are planned and GREAT partners intend to gather everyone by the next few months. This will be facilitated by the very strong side relationships between GREAT partners and board members.


For more information about our advisory board members, click here.