Spintec is a laboratory jointly operated by CEA, CNRS and UJF, in partnership with University Grenoble Alpes (UGA). It is fully dedicated to spintronics research, with the aim to bridge the gap between fundamental research and applications. It was created in 2002 and rapidly expanded to currently reach ~60 people (~25 permanent). It is located in the MINATEC campus, close to LETI facilities. Spintec brings together expertise in fundamental physics such as theory and modelling, new materials, spin-transfer torque, spin current-induced domain-wall motion and magnetization dynamics, as well as in device-oriented technologies such as CAD tools and circuit design, technology integration and functional testing. This synergy has placed SPINTEC at the forefront of spintronics research. Consistent with its mission at the crossroad of research and technology, Spintec has many connections with international laboratories and companies. Spintec has also been developing a strong collaboration with LETI for technology development and transfer to third parties. This joint effort has led to the creation of two start-up companies, Crocus Technology, in 2006 and eVaderis in 2014.